Welcome to the “Plants worldwide” blog page!

My idea with this blog page is to show exciting examples of how beautiful and special plants are, and sometimes how humans use and benefit from them. Follow this blog page to be inspired by plants through the texts, photos and videos. In addition to writing blog texts myself, I invite friends and colleagues to use this blog page to tell everyone about their favourite plants, and explain what it is that makes these plants so special to them. Unlike many other bloggers, I do not earn any money with the blog.

If you like my blog, please share it among your friends and colleagues.

Last but not least, I would like to encourage you to visit this webpage (in German and English) of Hubert Salzburger, who lives in Tyrol (Austria) and who is equally passionate about plants AND who takes stunning photographs.  Every month, Hubert publishes a plant portrait, and he also keeps a diary with anything else that attracts his botanical attention.

The flower of the dead

On a global scale, Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in terms of plant species, and it is a centre of crop origin and diversity. Throughout its long history, humans in Mexico have always utilised local plants for a multitude of traditional uses. So I am very excited to share in my blogContinue reading “The flower of the dead”

Snow in the desert

A short while back, during a road trip in Namibia, I stopped in the middle of the desert, in a minuscule settlement called Solitaire. Its name with Latin roots, meaning “alone” or “isolated”, makes sense, given its very remote location in the desert. Solitaire consists of a few small houses, a gravel airstrip, a petrolContinue reading “Snow in the desert”

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